A glimpse into the studio.

Roman Engler, Andy Kirk, Shafira Nugroho and Tamara Trabucco exploring the downsides of advertisements in an augmented world.

A little game by Andy Kirk

Danuka Ana Tomas sketching misuses.

Andreas Bütler, Fabian Frey Andy Kirk and Roman Engler working with digital fabricated materials.

Fabian Frey exploring generative graphic design.

Andreas Bütler and Andreas Fürer playing with distortion and typography.

Damaris Büchner fusing different typescripts together.

Yao Liu, Andreas Bütler and Sonjoi Nielsen imagined a playful interaction that brings people together.

Shafira Nugroho and Yao Liu developing an interactive poster.

Roman Engler, Tamara Trabucco and Paméla Schmidinger playing with fluorescent materials.

made with love in Zurich